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Joris Mencke


Hello. Good to see you.

Do you want to improve the performance and wellbeing of your organization? Then you've come to the right place. All my keynote presentations come down to passion, people and principles and answer the question how to bring these to life in daily practice.

I am pleased to share with you my insights into leadership, change strategy, collaboration and careers and how you can apply professional business principles, in these areas, to successfully improve your own professional life and your business practice, in a light-hearted and interactive manner.

"I thought: there's another dick with a laptop. But Joris' keynote is very powerful."

Marcel van RoosmalenJournalist, Columnist, Writer

Ravashing, humorous, very professional and spot-on!

Willem BlomManaging Partner @ Deloitte

Keynote presentations


How do you get the most out of your team, department or organization? Whether you're a recently appointed manager or a battle-scarred veteran, everyone knows it's hard to get professionals moving.

Yet it is the leaders, managers and trainers who make the difference. They monitor organizational energy, in companies and even in families. They inspire or demoralize.

In this presentation I show what role group-leaders, directors and CEO's play in a change, how they add value to their team and organization and I share tools to help them inspire their people to realize their full potential. The content, humor and interaction makes the keynote on leadership an ideal addition to your next management meeting or event for trainers.



Fix your growth mindset

How passionate is your organization? Passionate, enthusiastic and engaged employees are flexible, agile, sick less often, they deliver superior performance, which increases the quality of service to customers, leading to higher profit margins.

In a humorous and energetic show, I challenge your employees to think about the question: how enthusiastic do you get from the work you do? I also provide tools to give your own job satisfaction a significant boost.

The combination of humor, content and interaction makes the keynote on careers the ideal addition to your next company event, conference or employee day.



20 - 90 minutes

Our society is changing rapidly. There's no point in ducking away. The challenge is to anticipate and respond well. Yet, changes in organizations often encounter resistance and 70% of change processes 'fail'. What works and what doesn't work if we want to change? When is a change a success and how do we deal with resistance?

In this energetic show full of humor and interaction, I take your organization into the world of change, I show you which buttons you can push to make a change successful and I suggest choices that may not make it easier, but more fun and effective.


Culture & Collaboration

How do you build a culture where everyone feels safe, supported and inspired? How do you ensure social cohesion between employees, managers and senior management? How do you create a free flow of information between different departments and all layers of the organization?

In this connecting keynote full of hilarious and recognizable examples, I show how relationships influence our well-being and share the secret to building a winning culture.

The combination of humor, content and interaction makes the keynote about culture & collaboration the ideal addition to your next corporate event or conference.


Video impression

What participants say.

Very inspiring.

Fun, light-hearted and full of insights.

A very energetic session.

What a refreshing story. Very nice, funny and strong in terms of content.

A very powerful keynote.

Excellent keynote where serious issues were discussed through a humorous lens.

Really good, with lots of humour thrown in.

Brilliant keynote. We were mirrored in a wonderful way. I can definitely give a follow up on this.

Recognizable and very useful within our organization.

Inspiring. Unnoticed, I received very useful tools and handles to get started.

Humorous and inspiring.

You notice the effect of videos in a presentation. Great stuff!

Joris Mencke is a fantastic speaker. We had to laugh a lot and something useful was given to us as well.

Fantastic. Hilariously told, so that the core was translated even more clearly through videos.

Inspiring. Peppered with humor.

Very good session.

I certainly gained points from it that I can follow up on.

I wish it could have lasted another hour.


“Incredibly inspiring: a unique combination of humor, content and interaction.”

Arjen HeidaDirector @

“I already knew Sunday with Lubach, now also Tuesday with Mencke.”

Dirk van der PoelManager @ WIGO4IT

“Inspiring keynote. Joris approaches (the idea of) change from different perspectives and makes it accessible and discussable in a relaxed way.”

Meike HeeremansOpleidingsmanager UvA

“We enjoyed Joris's presentation. The atmosphere was good. We received nothing but positive responses about the wonderful afternoon, partly due to the interaction that Joris incorporated.”

Albrich SnuverinkManager Siza Zorg

“Joris managed to shake things up in a respectful and humorous way, which we talked about for a long time afterwards.”

Saïda EttaibiAM Projectontwikkelaars

“It was very nice that Joris was able to draw parallels with our 'normal work' and other changes that we normally do not think about that often. As a speaker, Joris is not only enthusiastic and full of energy, but he knows how to tailor the tone of the presentation to the target group. Very well done!”

Wim de WijsProgrammamanager Rijkswaterstaat

“Super fun keynote about dealing with changes where Joris connected big changes and small current events in a comical way. He knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere and force people to think about their working lives in a humorous way. A recognizable and stimulating story for our target group about the fortunes of our organization and the challenges we face. Respect.”

Marjolijn JansenSenior HRM Manager Rijkswaterstaat

"Highly recommended! Joris kicked off our annual event for our 1,200 employees with his humorous keynote about change, which immediately set the bar very high for the rest of the program. Joris is a pleasant man to work with, he has really immersed himself in our organization and wrote the keynote tailor-made.”

Wouter ClaassenSenior Ontwerpleider Witteveen + Bos

“We have received only responses full of praise to Joris Mencke's keynote. It started the conversation about the challenges we're facing immediately.”

Pien VerweijHR Manager KPMG

“Super keynote about change." "Hilarious videos." "I enjoyed Joris's keynote very much." "It was a great success.”

MedewerkersABN AMRO

“It was super nice to be confronted with an external mirror with a funny perspective.”

Marije BaarsSocial Designer Stichting Z

"Our employees rated the keynote as inspiring because of the humor and interaction that Joris incorporated.”

Noorhan Imad AbedManager COA

“With unique movie fragments, Joris made a dazzling and funny contribution that participants recognized themselves in and had a good laugh about. The 'one of us' feeling created a connection with the audience. How often does it happen that a speaker concludes the day in such a way? This made the keynote appropriate and personal. Thank you Joris!”

Rachel LeviDirector Working Festival Chaos in de Orde

“In his keynote, Joris knows how to challenge his audience on topics such as change, resilience and, above all, positivity, with a healthy sense of humor and using not only his voice, but also a very powerful image. We have received very positive responses from our teams to this refreshing contribution.”

Sanne WelzenPartner Deloitte Human Capital

“Highly recommended for any organization that wants to speak, inspire and motivate from within. Joris touched us by sharing a funny and sincere story in a professional manner, completely in line with the target group, about dealing with changes in combination with expressing pride and passion in your work. The combination of content and images remain memorable.”

David TrollopeManaging Director Hays

Biography Joris Mencke

It was my dream to become a professional tennis player. When I turned sixteen, I gave up on that dream because I couldn't accept the social impact of a professional tennis career, namely no friends. During my student years I discovered a new passion: every Sunday I HAD (it was so exciting) as chairman of a student football club to give a speech in the clubhouse. On reflection, that was the best part of my entire student life.

When I graduated as a Master of Laws, I made the mistake of thinking that what I enjoyed most was playing chairman. I was accepted for the Young Executive Program at Postnl and discovered during a leadership program by De Baak that I was not on the right track. I quit my job and cycled from Mongolia to India.

Announcement by Frank Evenblij

On the bike I came to the realization that if I want to get the most out of my (professional) life, I have to put myself in situations where there is no escape, where I cannot hide behind anyone, where I have to show myself. That is what the stage means to me.

Back in the Netherlands, I attended a cabaret course (they really exist), climbed on every stage I could find, performed in Comedy Café's like Toomler, read all the books about change management, leadership, job satisfaction and collaboration, delivered food for Uber Eats, coached employees, managers and CEO's, presented, moderated events and gave many workshops. I was increasingly asked to combine my humor and management expertise in keynote speeches, which is now my full-time job.