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Our society is changing rapidly. There is no point hiding. The motto is to respond effectively.

74% of all organisational change processes fail. That leaves 26% of the organisations that succeed. What do they do differently?
They build their organisations on a fundament of Passion, People and Principles. There is nothing as powerful in organisations as actually having principles that you hold on to passionately and require those around you to believe. All my presentations are inspired by and based on the work of former Harvard professor David H. Maister and answer the question how you can apply professional business principles on leadership, strategy, culture and careers, to successfully improve your own professional life and your business practice.

David H. Maister

Until his retirement in 2009, David Maister was widely recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the management of professional service firms. In his book 'Practice what you preach', Maister convincingly proves how high performance teams and organizations distinguish themselves from the rest. Maister points out that, in business and private life, we all know what we should do, why we should do it, and often how we should do it. However, knowing all this is insufficient to predict whether individuals or institutions will actually do it. Maister concludes that the only competitive advantage, for companies and for careers, is the ability to create and transmit drive, determination, energy, excitement and enthusiasm.


The formula for (financial) success, scientifically demonstrated by Harvard Professor David H. Maister across 139 organizations with 28 different services spread across 15 countries all sharing 1 common denominator - human beings - is that enthusiastic employees ensure happy customers and happy customers determine the degree of success of your organization.


Any organization can chalk its values on the wall or project it onto its website. What set excellent organizations apart is their ability to put their values into daily practice. This creates an environment where employees feel safe, supported and inspired, allowing them to achieve their greatest accomplishments.


Ultimately, it all comes down to understanding how people work. Everything we want in life - whether it is profit, respect, fame, loyal subordinates, cooperative colleagues or, in our personal lives, love and relationships - all of these things, each and every one of them, must be given to us by another person. That means we need to understand how other people want to give us what we want, and underlining the importance of relationships in everything we do.

Management makes all the difference

If (and only if) competent managers know how to stimulate their people, then (and only then) will employees provide excellent service to their customers, and the customer base will reward the organization with superior (financial) performance.

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Success without happiness
is no success.

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