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The specialty of the house: real connection!

When are you at your best?

Bring out the best in your organization

Questions make all the difference

Questions create reality. The questions we ask determine the quest we pursue, the path we take, the discussion we engage in and the life we lead. The ratio of negative: positive questions in science = 21:1. Focus on the positive.

Hold up a mirror to your organization

Learning with a smile

Every tailor-made project is a search for thé question. The question that exposes the blind spot. The question that holds a mirror up to your target group in a humorous yet respectful way. The question that really helps you further.

Management jargon? At Deloitte?

“In his keynote, Joris knows how to challenge his audience on topics such as change, resilience and, above all, positivity, with a healthy sense of humor and using not only his voice, but also a very powerful image. The pre-recorded interviews with our own colleagues were powerfully incorporated into his keynote. We have received very positive responses from our teams to this refreshing contribution.”

Sanne WelzenPartner Deloitte Human Capital

“Highly recommended for any organization that wants to speak, inspire and motivate from within. Through the tailor-made interviews, Joris discovered what makes Hays a Great Place to Work for our employees. He touched us by sharing a funny and sincere story in a professional manner, completely in line with the target group, about dealing with changes in combination with expressing pride and passion in your work. The combination of content and images remain memorable.”

David TrollopeManaging Director Hays

“Joris Mencke made a very cool keynote about change for Chaos in de Orde, the work festival for organizational innovators. Not only did he speak passionately from his own experiences, he had also spoken to and filmed participants of the festival in advance. With these fragments he made a dazzling and funny contribution that participants recognized themselves in and had a good laugh about. The 'one of us' feeling created a connection with the audience. How often does it happen that a speaker concludes the day in such a way? This customization made the keynote appropriate and personal. Thank you Joris!”

Rachel LeviDirector Working Festival Chaos in de Orde

"Highly recommended. Joris gave us insight into leadership in a disarming, humorous and very professional manner. Thanks to the tailor-made interviews, he had really empathized with the group and he accurately incorporated the input from the group into his story, making him spot-on!”

Willem BlomManaging Partner Tax & Legal Deloitte

“Joris kicked off the national internal communications conference with a good story about the role of internal communications now that we work hybridly: how do you keep connected? With hilarious quotes from video interviews with IC professionals. About how important core values are in times of crisis. But actually no one could just name them: "I know where I can look them up? They are on our intranet! And they hang on the wall in the main hall...". The anecdote that the director himself actually didn't know them. I quote Joris: "Connecting with your deepest values is the most sustainable fuel for sustainable change, and as a moral inner compass during all the choices you make in the hustle and bustle of your day." In short, an important role for Internal Communication to bring core values to life. And that starts with onboarding, where you have to fully "read" new colleagues about the core values for weeks. With a nice story about how Nike's core values seem to rub off on each other on the one hand and help with choices on the other. Freedom is one of their core values: You have a lot of freedom to do your work, and also a free number of vacation days. However, since corona, people continued to work from home too much. Despite its core value of "freedom", Nike has now "required" people to come to the office for three days. This stems from another belief at Nike, that an enthusiastic and committed Team needs to be together regularly for social cohesion. And "Team" is Nike's other core value. Nice quote from Joris: "Going to the office is not just for yourself, but also for each other."

Rene JansenFounder & CEO Winkwaves